Sermons by Mike Baskett (Page 2)

Mike was born in Abilene, Texas in 1962 to parents who were serving in the U.S. Air Force. After living in Montana and Florida, his dad retired and moved back to Abilene in 1972. It was in Abilene that their entire family was introduced to the saving grace of our Lord Jesus and all began a new walk with Him! Mike was called into ministry his sophomore year at ACU and answered the call his junior year (he was a bit slow). While working on his degree in Ministry and Evangelism, Mike ministered at two local churches. He also spent a year as a missionary intern in Skelmersdale, England. Karen and Mike have served three congregations in our 21 years together, each one has been a unique and special blessing! They have three incredible children, Hunter (20), Colby (18), and Curry (13). They have a dog named Granger, two cats, and a gold fish. Mike consider myself one of the most blessed individuals in this world! But he will tell you… “I’m REALLY looking forward to the world to come. What a hope we have in Jesus!”

Spiritual Disciplines – Training

When the end result of hard work is perfectly clear to you now, does it impact your intensity or commitment to that work? Said differently, does purpose impact one’s focus on practice or training? In this lesson, Mike introduces the concept of spiritual training through practice and discipline.

Living the Worry-Free Life

Think for a moment: What does worry or anxiety actually accomplish? Does it help? Or does it hurt? Perhaps that’s why Jesus asked, “Can any one of you by worrying add a single hour to your life?” In this lesson, Mike shares Scripture about dealing with this ever-present problem.

Be Determined

At this time in Paul’s life, the end is near. Paul is in prison. He is alone. But his focus is on the message that he thinks Timothy desperately needs to hear. In the final few verses of this letter, Paul emphasizes that Timothy’s job is very simple: Preach Jesus.

The Measure of a Leader

Leadership is critically important in the Kingdom, and being an elder or deacon or minister in the Body is a huge responsibility. Paul is doing everything he can to prepare Timothy to lead, and to help him create more leaders.