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Bible Heroes: Samuel

Throughout his life, Samuel spoke the word of God to Israel. As Christians today, the Word speaks to us. Can we say to God – as Samuel did – “Speak, Lord, for your servant is listening” (1 Samuel 3:10 NIV). In this lesson, Mike uses the example of Samuel to encourage us to grow in our understanding of the truth.

Rahab – From the Wall of Shame to the Hall of Fame

This is the second lesson in Mike’s series on Bible Characters. Perhaps one of the most unlikely Bible heroes is Rahab. She is not only one of the “enemy” —  people that Israel had to conquer in order to take the Promised Land — but she was also a prostitute. Despite those two “black marks,”…

It’s All Good! A Lesson from Joseph

It’s amazing how God can take the “bad” things in our lives and create “good” things! Joseph (Genesis 37-50) may be the very best example of this idea. How often did Joseph encounter circumstances that were “bad” and might have led Joseph to doubt or question God? But Joseph’s faith never wavered.