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Summer Series: 2 Timothy 3

Nick Blaylock, a member at the Broken Arrow Church of Christ, presents this Summer Series lesson on 2 Timothy 3. Paul is drawing close to the end of his life. In this second letter, he wants to make sure that Timothy knows how to continue without him. In this third chapter, Paul first rolls out…

Summer Series: 2 Timothy 1

Paul’s second letter to Timothy begins with a healthy dose of encouragement to rely on the Spirit of God – for love, for power, and for self-discipline.

The Measure of a Leader

Leadership is critically important in the Kingdom, and being an elder or deacon or minister in the Body is a huge responsibility. Paul is doing everything he can to prepare Timothy to lead, and to help him create more leaders.

Summer Series: 1 Timothy 5

In this chapter, Paul continues teaching Timothy what he should and should not do as a minister of the gospel, with special attention given to the treatment of widows.