"Time" Tagged Sermons

Being Wise with Time (and Money)

When we’re too busy, too overloaded, and too stressed, spiritual things always take a back seat. When spiritual things take a back seat in our lives, Satan’s job is much too easy. In this lesson, Mike talks about the “distractions” in life and the challenges they create.

“Ready or Not, Here I Come”

Remember the children’s game, Hide-and-Seek? One child counts while everyone else hides. Then, when the child is done counting, he or she calls out, “Ready or not, here I come!!” This popular game provides the perfect analogy for Mike’s message about the end of time.

Time to Be Thankful

To truly understand and capture the “power” of time, Christians must take “time” to be thankful. Taking that time – seeing your life from a positive perspective, without comparison – is a critical part of your happiness.