'Time' tagged sermons

“Ready or Not, Here I Come”

Remember the children’s game, Hide-and-Seek? One child counts while everyone else hides. Then, when the child is done counting, he or she calls out, “Ready or not, here I come!!” This popular game provides the perfect analogy for Mike’s message about the end of time.

Time to Be Thankful

To truly understand and capture the “power” of time, Christians must take “time” to be thankful. Taking that time – seeing your life from a positive perspective, without comparison – is a critical part of your happiness.

Teach Us to Slow Down

We want things fast; we want things right now. That’s the world we live in. Unfortunately, faster isn’t always better. Could it be that going slower can provide greater access to the things that we truly find valuable? In this lesson, Dan explores the problems with constantly being in a hurry and the benefits of…