Working Together

We are always capable of so much more when we rely on one another. Nehemiah did not rely on a chosen few to rebuild the walls of Jerusalem, but rather included everyone! Every person, every family, had a responsibility to contribute. Should not the church today feel the same way?

Starting With Prayer

Moses was called by God, but Nehemiah volunteered. When he learned of the state of city of God, his heart was overwhelmed with sadness. But before he did anything whatsoever, he fell to his knees in prayer.

Dare to Leave the Boat

Only Peter had the courage to jump out of the boat and attempt to walk on water…and he didn’t just talk a good game, he got out of the boat!! How about you? Do you feel more comfortable – more safe – in the boat? What keeps you from daring to trust Jesus completely??

Behind the Scenes

The story of Ezra is the story of a priest called to rebuild Solomon’s temple in Jerusalem. There is a tremendous amount of work that goes on “behind the scenes” in order to finish a project of this magnitude. What may not be readily apparent are the things that God is doing behind the scenes to accomplish his work. Or the people He may be using.