“Feast or Fast?”

The idea of fasting is to simply ignore the need for – the desire for – food, and purposely focusing on something important to God. In this lesson, Mike discusses the Biblical admonition to fast, and why it is important to your Christian walk.

Being Wise with Time (and Money)

When we’re too busy, too overloaded, and too stressed, spiritual things always take a back seat. When spiritual things take a back seat in our lives, Satan’s job is much too easy. In this lesson, Mike talks about the “distractions” in life and the challenges they create.

Spiritual Disciplines – Devote Yourselves!

Mike continues preaching the series on Spiritual Disciplines. This lesson focuses on the spiritual discipline of worship, which is perhaps best explained as “worth-ship” –  – the idea that God is worth, or worthy, of our praise and reverence. So, what is true and proper worship? According to Scripture, it is the willingness to offer…