A Safety Net

At every point in your life, Satan will try everything imaginable to discourage your faith. 

One of the first things that happens to Nehemiah and the people of Israel is that their enemies do everything possible to discourage their work of rebuilding the walls of Jerusalem.

Is it Convenient?

We live in a society built on convenience. Convenience stores. Banking apps. Order your coffee, pay online, and pick up your order at the Starbucks window. Isn’t life awesome? Absolutely! At least until it’s inconvenient in some way.

Working Together

We are always capable of so much more when we rely on one another. Nehemiah did not rely on a chosen few to rebuild the walls of Jerusalem, but rather included everyone! Every person, every family, had a responsibility to contribute. Should not the church today feel the same way?

Vision to Reality

Clarity is incredibly important when something needs to be done. There is nothing quite as frustrating as working on the wrong things, or trying to working hard on something without knowing what the objective might be.

Starting With Prayer

Moses was called by God, but Nehemiah volunteered. When he learned of the state of city of God, his heart was overwhelmed with sadness. But before he did anything whatsoever, he fell to his knees in prayer.