A Safety Net

This lesson continues Mike’s series on Nehemiah.

At every point in your life, Satan will try everything imaginable to discourage your faith.

One of the first things that happens to Nehemiah and the people of Israel is that their enemies do everything possible to discourage their work of rebuilding the walls of Jerusalem.

We learn  value of fellowship is the encouragement that they can provide. As Hebrews 10 says, “Let us encourage one another…”

Nehemiah demonstrates that one of the roles of leadership is to provide encouragement under fire.

“Hear us, our God, for we are despised. Turn their insults back on their own heads. Give them over as plunder in a land of captivity. Do not cover up their guilt or blot out their sins from your sight, for they have thrown insults in the face of the builders. So we rebuilt the wall till all of it reached half its height, for the people worked with all their heart.”

Nehemiah 4:4-6 (NIV)