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Daily Bible – No. 2

Sadly, the list of man’s failures and bad decisions continues to multiply. God is forced to destroy Sodom and Gomorrah. Then Lot’s daughters behave badly. And Esau trades away his birthright. Clearly, left to our own devices, we cannot help but pursue that which is sinful and destructive.

Daily Bible – No. 1

The first several days of reading provide a panorama of concepts that will encompass the entire Scripture. In the first few chapters of Genesis we encounter creation, the Holy Spirit, covenant, sin, death, worship, renewal, selfishness, and much more. Perhaps the most distressing observation is that man’s selfishness can very quickly lead to his own destruction – a theme that will play out again and again in the Scripture.

Life After Death Row

It was a mere 100-foot walk from Greg Wilhoit’s cell to the death chamber. When he first arrived, more than a decade had passed since anyone had gone there. But that was soon to change. One night in 1990, with Wilhoit looking on from his cell, one of his fellow inmates made the walk — the first to do so since Oklahoma lifted its moratorium on executions.