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Daily Bible – No. 14

Few names in Scripture elicit more mental imagery than David. Jesus, certainly. Moses, most likely. But whom else? David and Goliath. The city of David. David, the warrior king. David, the Psalmist. David, the devoted friend. David and Bathsheba. David, the man after God’s own heart.

Daily Bible – No. 6

At this point, it has been one year since the Israelites left Egypt. Although they’ve been through quite a bit, they have not yet arrived in the Promised Land, the land promised to their forefathers. Indeed, there is still much to do: laws to be learned, a tabernacle to be constructed, a census to be taken.

Daily Bible – No. 2

Sadly, the list of man’s failures and bad decisions continues to multiply. God is forced to destroy Sodom and Gomorrah. Then Lot’s daughters behave badly. And Esau trades away his birthright. Clearly, left to our own devices, we cannot help but pursue that which is sinful and destructive.