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Daily Bible – No. 8

Too often, I think, I fall into this trap that lets me think that I have accomplished something spiritually; that I have taken possession of my place in the Kingdom due to my own righteousness. What a mistake: to receive God’s grace and His blessings and then to convince myself somehow that I have done something worthy of those blessings.

Daily Bible – No. 6

At this point, it has been one year since the Israelites left Egypt. Although they’ve been through quite a bit, they have not yet arrived in the Promised Land, the land promised to their forefathers. Indeed, there is still much to do: laws to be learned, a tabernacle to be constructed, a census to be taken.

Daily Bible – No. 4

This week’s reading marks the end of an important era in Bible history as both Joseph and Jacob pass away. However, before his death, Jacob blesses his sons, and in this blessing we glimpse the role Judah’s lineage will play in God’s plan.