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Be Determined

At this time in Paul’s life, the end is near. Paul is in prison. He is alone. But his focus is on the message that he thinks Timothy desperately needs to hear. In the final few verses of this letter, Paul emphasizes that Timothy’s job is very simple: Preach Jesus.

Be Above Reproach

In 1 Timothy 3, Paul shares the “mystery from which true godliness springs.” He also lays out the pattern of lives that elders and deacons and women should demonstrate in their lives.  They should live their lives in a way that bring glory and honor and respect to the name of Jesus.

Dare to Leave the Boat

Only Peter had the courage to jump out of the boat and attempt to walk on water…and he didn’t just talk a good game, he got out of the boat!! How about you? Do you feel more comfortable – more safe – in the boat? What keeps you from daring to trust Jesus completely??

The Purpose of the Holy Spirit

In this lesson, Mike looks at three very specific purposes of the Holy Spirit. The Spirit marks you as a child of God. The Spirit gives life and set you free. The Spirit helps you to pray. The critical question is whether or not our minds are set on earthly things or on “Spirit-ual” things?

Where is Your Treasure?

Question: “Does the red tape mean more to you than the rest of the rope?” To show what this question means, Mike uses a vivid illustration offered by Francis Chan. Chan puts red tape on about six inches of a very, very long rope to show how much time is spent here on earth relative…