"Joy" Tagged Sermons

Consider It Pure Joy

Enduring trials is “pure joy?” Surely not. Perhaps our struggle with this idea is the thought that “joy” equals “happiness.” In this lesson, Callahan explores this and other powerful ideas presented in James 1.

Christmas Carols: “Joy to the World”

The song we know as “Joy to the World” was actually inspired by Psalm 98. It was written by the “Father of English Hymnody,” Isaac Watts. However, the truth is that “Joy to the World” was not written as a Christmas song at all!

The Joy of Losing

How does dominion (winning) and obedience (losing?) go together? Is it possible that we have the wrong goal in life – to win?? The reality is that we want want we want – we do want to win; we want dominion. But we might find that there is more lasting joy in losing (obedience). As…